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    In this section we provide a number of useful travel links to our own personal selection of quality travel sites and resources -- some better known than others but all of which are deserving of attention in our opinion -- to assist and guide you in your travels while also hopefully making the entire experience both more interesting as well as enjoyable.

    As noted, this section is a work in progress -- will continue to grow and be updated -- as we continuously strive to find the best sites online that we feel can improve all facets of your travel from its planning to its enjoyment. Elsewhere on this site you can of course find your choice of the best selection of travel services -- from discount flights and hotels to cruises and vacation packages -- but here we want to open a window to the myriad other travel sites out there -- from great travel blogs to websites that focus on everything from suitcase packing to organizing fun activities for your vacation -- that we believe can improve the many different aspects of your overall "travel experience".

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      Our Personal Selection of Useful Travel Links

      1. Selection of Travel Blogs

      2. Range of Helpful & Informative Travel Sites

      3. Variety of Interesting Travel Sites

      Growing Selection of Travel Blogs

        TravelBlogs.com TravelBlogs.com features some of the best travel blogs on the web. You can also start your own travel blog here.

        Travel Post Travel Post Very gossipy blog rich with often random tidbits and travel tips. Covers everything from musings on world class museums to the best cyber cafes around the world "random news and tips" thing in a way that's funny and gossipy without being too snarky. You can also create your own blogs on this site.

        Far & Near. Targeting those travelers with "wanderlust" and a desire to travel everywhere given the time and afforded the opportunity, this site is a treasure trove of travel photos and stories from every corner of the globe.

        Worldhum. A "thinking person's" travel blog where the focus is on good writing and finding the more interesting and often curious stories that other travel writers may have overlooked.

        The Connected Traveler. This multi-media blog appeals to all the senses. Enjoy sights and sounds from around the world. Quality articles and multimedia make this site a standout.

        Travel Mag. A generally outstanding source of quality travel related stories and news culled from different corners of the globe.

        Gadling Despite similar blogs offering what might arguably be similar fare, this site stands out by offering a great assortment of both travel tips and advice as well as genuinely high quality travel writing. Gadling does an excellent job of "filtering" out much of the "Internet noise" that comes from an endless array of travel sites and blogs by highlighting an excellent selection of current travel related happenings across the globe - making it highly topical, up to date, as well as simply great reading. Constantly updated, visually stimulating with great photography posted on a regular basis - it has been among the first to actively incorporate podcasts from travelers "on the road". This is a genuinely entertaining multi-media site that is a good place to start your travel reading.

        Onebag.com Everyone is guilty (well almost everyone) of over packing and bringing along clothes and accessories which, deep down, they know that they will never wear or use - but which they will just have to drag around with them on their travels. That's where this site comes into the picture. Onebag.com is filled with great suggestions of how to efficiently and practically approach the daunting task of packing for any trip so that you have what you need with you but are not bogged down with all of the other junk which you can easily dispense with. Real practical advice is given as to how to pack, how to carefully bundle together what you are taking with you, and even how to purchase certain products to put your shoes in and other pouches for other must have accessories.

        Gridskipper Gridskipper offers information especially tailored to today's modern urban traveler. Constantly updated, it provides up to the moment reports of the international trendsetting "scenes", clubs, and a range of other hot spots. Great for jetsetters. Also quite humorous in pointing out some of the more unusual trends and fads around the world which are definitely worth a chuckle.

        TravelBlog TravelBlog offers a broad range of travelogues, stories, travel insights and photos from travelers all over the world. Sometimes inconsistent in quality given the sheer number of contributors, nonetheless you will enjoy the kaleidoscopic entries on all things travel related found on this site.

        BootsnAll Referring to itself as "the ultimate resource for the independent traveler" BootsnAll is clearly not shy about its standing among other blogs. That said, it is an excellent resource for a wide range of personalized travel information with dozens of online blogs as well as travel services including online bookings. Well organized, the blogs are categorized by myriad geographic regions covering almost every imaginable locale. Rich travel information that will keep you very engaged for a long time.

      Growing List of Helpful & Informative Travel Sites

        Lonely Planet. One of the best known providers of quality travel content as well as publishers of quality travel books and maps. Simply outstanding.

        PlacesOnLine.com. In a crowded market segment, this site stands out as a premier guide to the best places and countries in the world.

        Red Cirrus/iFly.com One of the premier guides to airports and flight information covering over 250 US airports. Quickly find the information you need for flights, departures, arrivals, terminals, directions, ground transportation, maps, etc.

        ThingsToDo411 This site can help you better organize -- and enjoy -- your vacation by assisting you in planning your holiday by providing geographical and visual information of your destination to give you a better idea of what to do and how to do it.

        Dogfriendly.com. Thinking about traveling with your favorite pet by your side? Let this site help guide you to a wide range of resources and information on pet-friendly hotels, dog parks, places to go that allow pets, etc.

        World Weather Information Service. Indispensable site which provides global weather conditions and forecasts in a dozen languages.

        Worldtimeserver. If you are wondering just what time it is in Helsinki, Bermuda, Buenos Aires, or Los Angeles then this site is for you.

        Oanda.com. Great for travelers that need to convert foreign currencies to their own when traveling. Easily converts one currency to another.

        Trip Planner For those of us who leave everything to the last minute and of course forget to take care of one detail or another, RealTravel let's you use their very well organized trip planner to create a plan with customizable personalized itineraries, guides, maps, travel reviews, photos and even travel blogs -- all you can think of for a well organized trip (without ever having to forget anything again!).

      Growing Selection of Interesting Travel Sites

        Access Adventure Travel Access Trips appeals to the adventurer in all of us, offering a range of adventure travel opportunities worldwide under the watchful eye of expert instructors. Travel, learn new sports, and enjoy new adventures all at the same time!

        Sleeping in Airports. A little off the beaten path for many -- but humorously interesting nonetheless -- this is a site for those travelers that can't get enough of airports and love to spend their time their(!).

        Lazyshark.com Looking for different ways to spend your time and socialize while traveling overseas? If so, this site is for you. Lazyshark.com will help guide you to fellow travelers also looking to socialize and share travel stories and experiences.

        NewMarketingOnline, Inc For the Vegas lover in everyone, this relative newcomer to the scene will help you to plan your trip to Las Vegas and get the most out of spending your time there and enjoy the "Vegas Experience".

        Ophorus Specializing in small escorted tour groups in southern France, their carefully planned tours cater directly to the individual foreign tourist.

        Italy Vacation Rentals For the hordes of travelers who flock to Italy, this is an excellent source of information for home rentals across Italy, including Naples, the Amalfi coast, and other great destinations.

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